Amazon recently unveiled Performance+, an AI-driven ad product designed to automate campaign management and optimization, aiming to lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) by leveraging predicted conversion rates. This tool represents Amazon's foray into the AI-powered ad automation market, traditionally dominated by Google and Meta.

Overview of Performance+

Performance+ uses machine learning to predict user conversion rates and optimizes campaigns accordingly. Advertisers set their CPA goals, and Amazon's algorithms manage the campaign setup, audience targeting, and optimization across both Amazon's properties and external publisher inventories.

Key Features and Benefits

Performance and Efficiency

Since its launch, Performance+ has reportedly achieved 30-90% lower CPAs compared to standard Amazon DSP ad buys with similar goals and formats. This positions it as a competitive alternative to similar offerings from Google and Meta.

Strategic Implications

Amazon's entry into this space provides advertisers with an opportunity to diversify their ad spending and potentially gain more control over their campaigns. An Amazon spokesperson highlighted that Performance+ aims to simplify programmatic buying while providing transparency and control over ad placements, creatives, and audience targeting.


Amazon's Performance+ is designed to offer advertisers AI-driven efficiency and enhanced oversight, making it a strong contender in the digital advertising landscape dominated by Google and Meta.

Official Statement

Our aim is to deliver AI-powered efficiency and clear oversight to advertisers and agencies, helping them enhance their marketing strategies and achieve their business goals. Performance+ streamlines programmatic buying by offering transparency into effective creatives, placements, and audience engagement, coupled with a variety of controls to ensure ads reach the intended target audience,” stated an Amazon spokesperson. (HulkApps)​​ (Search Engine Land)​.